Progress Update 9/13/2019

The following construction progress has been made:

  • Steel for sequence 7 is complete.

  • Roofing complete for wing 800 and 700.

  • Classroom stairwells complete

  • All retaining walls are complete

  • MEP rough in ongoing in all classroom wings

  • Brick is complete on 800 and wings and underway on the 700 wing.

  • Mechanical Platforms have been installed on the 800 Wing.

Progress Update 7/12/2019

Hollow Core and Topping Slab Complete on 800 Wing

  • Hollow Core is set on the 600, 700 & 800 Wing. Topping slab is complete on both 700 & 800 wings.

  • Building Slab at the Media Center and a portion of the exploratory.

  • All interior foundations are complete.

  • Retaining Wall B is Ongoing and progressing nicely.

  • MEP overhead rough in classroom wing 800 and 700 is underway.

  • Site sanitary and water are on going.

  • Masonry on 700 & 800 Elevated deck is ongoing.

Progress Update 6/21/2019

The following progress has been made:

·       All masonry walls are complete for the classroom wings.

·       Slab poured Kitchen/Cafeteria.

·       Footings and foundation block complete for the entry/admin area.

·       Foundations and footings for exploratory wing are underway.

·       Retaining walls at the front of the campus are complete.

Progress Update 5/10/2019

The following progress has been made:

·       All slabs for classroom room wings have been poured

·       Masonry walls have been started for classroom wing 700

·       Wall rough in plumbing is complete in wing 800

·       Wall rough in underway on wing 700 and 600

·       Storm system install is ongoing

·       Retaining wall at southwest side of property has been completed

·       Footings and foundation block underway for the kitchen and cafeteria



Progress Update 3/29/2019

·       Job trailer delivered and set up.

·       Power pending final connection.

·       Excavation and layout for footings on classroom wing 800 is underway.

·       Storm pipe installation continues on the east and west side of the building.

·       Ball field is being brought up to grade.

·       First footings pour to start this week on classroom wing 800.

Progress Update 3/18/2019

World class learning is the foundation on which we build our futures; and building foundations are officially underway at Hammond Creek Middle School.

Progress Update:

  • Excavation and layout for the foundation on classroom wing 800 is underway.

  • Storm pipe installation continues on the east and west side of the building.

  • The ball field area is currently being brought up to grade.

Progress Update 02/21/2019

Construction on the new middle School Started on December 18, 2019. Since then the following activities have taken place.

  • Clearing and Grubbing have been completed.

  • Excavation was completed on the new transmission line.

  • Mass Grading activities have started and site is under development.

  • The building pad have started to and a portion of them are on grade.

  • Underground storm installation has begun.